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FREE health fair for the entire family!

Free health screenings and checks

Tetanus and diphtheria vaccines; mammograms; prostrate; cancer screenings; diabetes screening for adults and more

Back to school vaccinations, sports physicals, vision screenings, dental check and fluoride treatments for children

Eye checks for infants as young as 6 months

For all: Oral health education; spinal screenings; health information booths

Demonstrations for adults and children

Blood drive

Birth Certificates (available for $23 with applicable state identification – all major credit cards and debit cards accepted)

July Community Partnership!

We are so proud and excited to be in partnership with True Worth Place! They serve individuals experiencing homelessness in Fort Worth, by offering day shelter, supportive services, resources, and access to collaborating partner agencies like the LegUp!

True Worth’s facility and a portion of our operations are funded by the Fort Worth Foundation, whose mission is to support local organizations working to feed the hungry and improve the lives of  homeless individuals and families in Fort Worth and the surrounding North Texas area.

They are truly making #intelligentchange in our #fortworthcommunity.

We are too excited to hold our first cycle of classes there on Monday, July 24th at 3:00! #bettertogether

Attire For Hire!

Its finally feeling a bit more like summer and the LegUp is holding a donation drive! A part of our Life Skills training, taught by, Dr. Mike Haro, is that after attending a week long intensive, our clients have earned 5 vouchers to shop at the LegUp Store! There, they can use their vouchers to shop for interview ready outfits, books, and other necessities. This is where you come in! Now through August 14th, we need you to donate gently used professional items, new toiletries and undergarments, and accessories.

If you’re ready to get involved with the LegUp, we will need volunteers to receive and sort donations!

Its only through your support that we will achieve our mission to prevent and end homelessness through advocacy, support, and friendship.

Jobs, Jobs Everywhere…

While jobs may abound, for those experiencing homelessness, it’s as though society were saying, “There are plenty of stars in the night sky, why can’t you grab one?” To some it feels alienating, to others it seems impossible, but the most common description we hear is that it feel hopeless.

For this percentage of the population, due to as many unique reasons as there are individuals, finding work may seem remote and inaccessible. A person experiencing homelessness may feel as though the end is too far on the horizon, that they lack the necessary skills, or that they simply do not know where to start.

This is where hope begins!

At the LegUp Program, everyone is met where they are at, with understanding and flexibility. Through The LegUp’s eight week training program, the first step is laying a strong foundation. Client’s attend a week long intensive, requiring daily attendance. It is not easy to commit to this endeavor, but the proof is in the results.

This week, was week two, focusing heavily on individual needs and building friendship, “One-on-One,” training, and continuous coaching. Out of our class, one third has already taken the initiative to seek out jobs. Three individuals have already attained interviews, and one individual has gotten a job. (We are so proud!)

These students, though in the process of getting jobs, still faithfully attend workshops, receiving encouragement and support. They are learning not only how to get in the door, but how to follow through, show initiative, and do their best once they have a job, to ensure that they are prepared to keep it and continue forward on their journey.

This is just one facet of how outreach is happiness, and of how advocacy is powerful. We thank you for your continued support of the LegUp Program, and how it aids in the prevention and ending of homelessness through advocacy, support, and friendship.


-The LegUp Staff


Building the new…

Happiness is in small victories! It is hard to change familiar habits, and it feels impossible to turn around when you are far down a given path. But the surest way to have real victory, be it great or small, is to choose something different. To choose progress, growth, and security is not comfortable. It requires dedication. It requires you to surround yourself with those who will advocate for you to succeed, support your goals, and befriend you when it is needed. The LegUp Program champions this belief every day. It is more than our goal to end homelessness for those entrenched in it and at risk for it, it is our mission and our joy!

This week our clients began a journey, and took a step forward into their goals, building change in their lives. They came and attended classes, and this week attained a measure of freedom. We believe in them, and are already so proud of them! Week two, here we come!

“The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” -Socrates

Moving Forward Together

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”

-Henry Ford.

The mock interviews, performed by volunteers in the business community are an integral part of the last week before graduation from the LegUp program. We are all excited as we prepare for their big day. Invitations have been sent, certificates printed, and everyone has the slightest air of anticipation about them as we move forward. During this process our clients get the chance to practice everything they have been taught through the LegUp Program cycle, by sitting down for a formal practice interview with a member of the business community. This real world testing allows for feedback and encouragement, to better facilitate the future successes of our graduates-to-be.

Were it not for you, moving forward with us, as donors and volunteers, our clients would not have the chances for success that they do now. We gratefully encourage you to continue moving forward with us, as the LegUp succeeds in preventing and ending homelessness through advocacy, support, and friendship.

-The LegUp Team

Welcome to our newest staff member!

Kate Morrell, Executive Assistant

The LegUp Team is excited to welcome writer, Kate Morrell!

She comes to the LegUp with 10 years of creative writing experience and a heart for servant leadership. Having grown up in an environment of community volunteerism, Kate has spent much of her life volunteering with many organizations including, The Center of Hope, doing relief work through the Salvation Army, working for environmental sustainability in the Sierra Club, and investing in children’s literacy through summer reading programs. She believes strongly in our mission: the prevention and ending of homelessness through advocacy, support and friendship.
Kate is currently pursuing her degree from Oregon State University, in environmental sustainability. She lives in the Historic Southside of Fort Worth with her boyfriend, Patrick, their two rescued pit bulls, and two rescued tortoise-shell cats.

Meet Alicia Garcia

Friends, meet Alicia Garcia. Alicia is a 24 year old graduate of Hill Crest High School in Dallas, and has been living with her four year old at Presbyterian Night Shelter’s Morris Foundation Women & Children’s Center since January 2016 after escaping domestic violence at home. As a child, her family moved to Texas from Mexico City, however they did not properly immigrate into the United States. Since taking the first steps toward independence, Alicia has been working with Catholic Charities to achieve legal status in the U.S. so she can legally work in order to provide for her daughter. Case managers at Catholic Charities are anticipating her work Visa will arrive in January 2017. In the mean time, Alicia is ready to roll up her sleeves and do whatever she can to earn cash! So far she has helped out with housekeeping for two families and the comments have been, “my house hasn’t been this clean since before we had kids,” or “she worked hard and we want her back!”

Alicia is vibrant, articulate and kind. She’s enthusiastic about beginning her adult life again. We agree with Alicia when she says her future is bright and full of possibility!!

Join us in giving Alicia a Leg Up! She’s doing all the right things, taking all the right steps to ensure a safe and secure future for her and her daughter. Please share her story with anyone who may be able to help her with work while she waits for her Visa. Please contact Lauren for more information at or (682)499-7800.

Happiness is #doingmoretogether!

High Five Larry!!

Friends, we are so excited for Leg Up client, Larry Taylor, as he is prepped and ready for his second interview tomorrow at PCI Industries! Many thanks to all who donated items that got him outfitted for his next step into employment. Fingers crossed and best wishes, Larry! We know you’re going to do great!! High five!

Happiness is #doingmoretogether 🙂